Instantly find defects in your PHP source code.

With codescrubber you can quickly analyze your PHP
projects to find defects in a matter of seconds.

codescrubber finding errors in your cool project
What can codescrubber do for me

See errors in real-time, fast. In the 30 seconds that took you to test your form, codescrubber can detect errors in your entire project.

Save Time Testing

Reduce the time needed for manual testing. codescrubber instantly tells you the state of the build.

Shipping more

Your team will ship faster and with more confidence because your products will have fewer defects. Your users will notice the improved quality of your software.

Smartly invest in a tool that accelerates your development process
Powerful, yet affordable
Code scrubber is a smart investment

  • PHP Versions 5.3 and up
  • Run on projects of any size
  • Runs on-premise, no need to alter your repo permissions
  • Automatic updates via the system package manager
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Precise defect detection
Smart Defect Detection

codescrubber uses AST based detection. codescrubber will properly detect errors inside deeply nested function calls, arbritrarily nested expressions, closures, and multi-namespace files. Plus, codescrubber detect errors for all recent PHP versions, from version 5.3 and up.

Easy installation process

codescrubber ships as a deb package; you will be able to start using it in seconds. No need to fiddle with virtual machines, Docker images, or even alter your source control permissions.

Easy installation process
Precise defect detection
Zero-in on real problem spots

codescrubber takes great care to only report real bugs and minimizes the amount of false positives. It knows about the more dynamic aspects of PHP, which means that you won't have to change your coding style. codescrubber is well-suited to analyze legacy code.

Start finding bugs in your source code today!